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About HistoryAmerica TOURS

HistoryAmerica TOURS was the creation of Pete and Julia Brown. The first tours, with Civil War themes, were offered in 1991 and produced travelers who are still traveling with HistoryAmerica today. These enthusiasts and other loyal participants, our "regulars," are what have kept the organization strong.

In the past 20 years, HistoryAmerica has covered historic themes from Mexico to the tip of Cape Breton Island and traversed the rivers, bays and waterways of this continent. In that time, it has been a pleasure to work with wonderfully talented historians who have allowed us to offer the most unique tour themes in the history of America.

In 2007 Sharon McDermott and Georgia and Michael O’Connor acquired HistoryAmerica TOURS, and then Sharon became the sole proprietor in 2010. You can be assured that we will still follow the traditions of HistoryAmerica: the hand-crafted planning, the outstanding Historian Guides, and the attached pledge to our travelers.

I want to thank all of you who have traveled with HistoryAmerica TOURS since the transfers of ownership. I have met many “regulars” and made many new friends. The company will continue to serve travelers with the same quality of tours that have been the hallmark of HistoryAmerica since its inception. We will keep taking you where history happened on the most authentic tours in the history of America.

— Sharon McDermott


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