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Yesterday's News • June 2005


HistoryAmerica - All About Friendships

HATfriendsLasting friendships are a hallmark of HistoryAmerica events. Marty and Lila Mait recently caught up with good friends Gale and Lyn Pewitt in Culpeper, Virginia. Gale and Lyn were on the "Best of Bearss III" tour, and Marty and Lila, who live nearby, joined the group for lunch.

As our old friends know, and new friends soon learn, you can expect camaraderie as well as efficient service when you call our office. Julia and I feel blessed by the tremendous number of friendships we have made over the last 14 years of operating HistoryAmerica.



Two Recent Tours With Ed Bearss Were a Success!

OMM Group
Overmountain Men: Ed with the group at Kings Mountain, one of the many sites they toured during the week.

Best of Bearss III: The HistoryAmerica group at the Hyatt, where they stayed for the entire week of the tour.


News Bits From HistoryAmerica

Many of you have spoken to our new assistant, Shiela Etchieson. She is doing a great job, and we're thrilled to have her as part of the HistoryAmerica team. Shiela and her husband, Mike, lived in a number of places during his seven-year stint in the Navy. They now make their home in Wylie with their two children, two cats, and a dog.

Margie Bearss, wife of the illustrious Ed, has moved to Mississippi to be near her daughter and two grandsons, Ralph and Andy. She is very involved in the study and preservation of Champion Hill and is enjoying being back in her home state. Margie sends greetings to her many HistoryAmerica friends.

"The Mysterious World of the Anasazi" in September is a fascinating study of the ancient pueblos of the Southwest. Our Historian Guide, Scott Thybony, recommends two books in preparation. For more information from Amazon, click on the titles: Ancient Peoples of the American Southwest and Burntwater. Please consider joining us for this journey of discovery!


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