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Yesterday's News • November 2005


Book Dedication Features Margie Riddle Bearss and Rebecca Drake

Jack Waugh and Pete Brown had the privilege of attending a very special event at Champion Hill, Mississippi, on Nov 12.

EXCITING NEWS: Margie Bearss and Becky Drake have agreed to do a special book signing for HistoryAmerica on March 12, 2006, at the Cairo Museum in Vicksburg. Participants of the upcoming tour, Deluge in the Delta, will be treated to quality time with Margie and learn, firsthand, the story of how Becky Drake came into possession of the letters and how they joined forces in editing My Dear Wife.



Deluge on the Delta Tour Updates

Questions raised by Hurricane Katrina abound. The newspapers are full of stories as to what happened and how to deal with it. Plans to protect New Orleans start at the Louisiana coast with ideas on how to restore the fastest disappearing land mass in the world.

Nearly every in-depth story on Katrina goes back to the killer flood of 1927 and its aftermath as man tried to tame the river with levees, locks, and dams to prevent flooding and aid commercial navigation. Many of these structures proved to be no match for Katrina and Rita. Often mention is made of the possibility of the Atchafalaya river basin capturing the Mississippi River's flow upstream and literally cutting off New Orleans from the United States. John McPhee, in his bestselling book The Control of Nature, addresses this possibility and outlines the war the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has declared on the lower Mississippi.

Deluge in the Delta will address all this and more. Ed Bearss and Jack Waugh are the highly qualified co-leaders of this tour set for March 9-15, 2006, running from Memphis to New Orleans. Ed will bring to life the important characters of the Mississippi, such as the incredible engineer James Buchanan Eads, and outline Civil War actions in the Delta. He will unravel the secrets of the Old River area on the ongoing efforts to control the river. (For an excellent overview of the Old River area, avail yourself of this well-illustrated web site.) Jack will discuss the startling political ramifications, detailing the roles of Herbert Hoover, Huey Long, and others. He will deal with the tie-in of the amazing literary life of the Delta and enlighten us as to racial and economic tensions existing then and now.

HistoryAmerica participants have come to expect detailed reconnaissance for our events, and it is ongoing for Deluge in the Delta. Read and learn about the Yazoo-Mississippi and Old River area portion of the just-completed scouting trip conducted by Jack Waugh and Pete Brown. You will enjoy the day-by-day account of the recon. Soon, another recon trip will be undertaken, of both Baton Rouge and New Orleans. The tour will be in the Crescent City for two nights, with participants gaining a firsthand understanding of what Katrina left behind and what might lie ahead in the coming months and years.

This never-before-offered event continues to sell briskly, so don't delay in calling 800-628-8542 and becoming a part of it.



News Bits From HistoryAmerica

Historian Guide Mike Koury has designed one of the most imaginative events in the 15 years HistoryAmerica has been around, namely Barons, Bars, and Brothels: How the West Was FUN! He recently brought to our attention Zooba Books and we thought you might enjoy the endless $9.95 specials. Check out the history section for starters.

Historian Guide Jack Waugh came up with another good tip we will pass along, namely the History News Network. You don't have to be a professional historian to enjoy this most informative site, just sign up.

And finally, congratulations to our friends at the Lincoln Forum on their 10th annual symposium held in Gettysburg last week.


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