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Yesterday's News • January 26, 2006


New Orleans and the Old River Control Project

There never has been a better time to see it all in New Orleans, according to Louisiana Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu. Everywhere Pete Brown and Bruce Airheart went on their Jan 8-12, 2006, recon for the upcoming Deluge in the Delta trip, they picked up the same sentiments: People should come down and see this....We want people to see this....We need people to see for themselves firsthand what nature has wrought and the enormity of the problems with which we are dealing.

In linking the great flood of 1927 and hurricane Katrina, we have come across one fascinating site after another, woven into a story of man's successes and failures in attempting to control nature. You can read about the just-completed scouting trip to New Orleans and the Old River Control Project here. Consider the personal recommendation of HistoryAmerica's founding co-owner Pete Brown, who says, "You will find great fascination with what you see and learn on this one-of-a-kind tour."



Courtesy of Katrina

Even with the devastation they have suffered, the people of New Orleans have not lost their sense of humor.



AdventurerInvasion of Italy

Pete Brown and Ed Bearss currently are conducting a scouting trip for the exciting Invasion of Italy cruise in May. Four spaces have opened up on board the Clipper Adventurer. Contact Julia or Charlene to reserve your space today.




News Bits From HistoryAmerica

Several tours are filling up quickly. Only four spaces remain on The Best of Bearss: The Struggle for Middle Tennessee with the legendary Ed Bearss.

The Apache Wars: On the Warpath with Geronimo and Cochise with expert historian Neil Mangum has three remaining spaces.

Undoubtedly, both tours will sell out quickly. If you would like to participate on either, don't hesitate — make your reservation now.


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