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Yesterday's News • March 2006


Pete and Julia Brown and History/America 1991–2006

The following message recently appeared in our print newsletter that many of you received. We want to thank all of you who have responded and have signed up for 2006 tours.

Julia and PetePete and Julia Brown decided from the outset to provide authentic history experiences in the company of skilled historians. The quest has taken HistoryAmerica to 47 states and 18 countries. Thousands of history enthusiasts have enjoyed almost 300 of the seven- to 14-day adventures, tramping over hill and dale and cruising rivers and seas from the South Pacific to the Rhine.

All good things come to an end, however. The decision has been made for 2006 to be the final year of operations. This means the Charleston-based tour led by Jim McPherson will be our last scheduled event.

Looking back, the best part has been the people we have met. So many have come back over and over and have become great friends. And the highly acclaimed historians who have led HistoryAmerica events over the years far exceed anything Pete and Julia could have possibly dreamed of in the beginning. They, too, have become close friends. The sites have been great, but the people are the lasting memory.

It is far from over. A full slate of offerings exists for 2006. The Apache Wars and Italy WWII events are sold out and others are filling up, but there is still time to get on board.

Call soon to Pete, Julia, Shiela or Charlene for information and reservations and know that HistoryAmerica will provide the same detail-oriented service we always have, right through the final tour. Make it a point to join HistoryAmerica in 2006 and do it soon!



Invasion of Italy

Photo courtesy of R.J. Cicero Pete Brown, Marco Gudorf and Ed Bearss (left to right) on January 25, 2006, standing next to a German pillbox overlooking the site of the American amphibious landing on the southern coast of Sicily in July 1943. Marco served as driver and interpreter for the recon of the Italy Campaign of WWII cruise aboard the Clipper Adventurer.




Nez Perce

The fifth running of the Nez Perce: Failed Flight to Freedom tour will begin in Lewiston, Idaho, on Saturday, July 8, 2006. Ed Bearss says this is his all-time favorite tour, a combination of incredible scenery and a riveting historical narrative, fully chronological. We will cross Yellowstone National Park in the path of Chief Joseph and follow the bold moves by the Nez Perce as they made their way toward Canada. Limited space remains, so call (800) 628-8542 now and get on board.



News Bits From HistoryAmerica

HistoryAmerica Regular and good friend Dan Riordan of New York City passed away recently. He was a man who loved history and surmounted a lot of health problems to complete seven tours with us. We will miss him.

We now have a large collection of group photos up on the web and are looking for more. Those from 2005 tours are already up, but any old ones you have that we don't would be most appreciated. Email them to us and we will give credit to you on our site.

"They were in a dugout, and the Germans were coming down the stairs to take them. The boche called out for their surrender, and Bearss replied, tell THEM to surrender." This sounds like our Ed Bearss, but it was actually his cousin "Hiking Hiram" Bearss, a legendary Marine and recipient of the Medal of Honor. You can read all about him in the January 2006 issue of Leatherneck Magazine, sent to us recently by Col. Jerry Wulf.

The March 2006 issue of National Geographic has a good article on the Battle of Hampton roads you may want to read.

HistoryAmerica welcomed its biggest class ever into the Ten Tour Club. Sixteen new members join 92 others to make up the membership of this exclusive group of highly motivated history travel enthusiasts. Gail Azbill heads up the HistoryAmerica Regulars (tour participants) with 35 tours and cruises, followed by Marty Walsh with 31. Ed Bearss leads the staff contingent with an amazing 68 tours and cruises.

Point of interest: We have shared with many of you that Roger L. Easton, father of HistoryAmerica Regular Richard Easton, was instrumental in the invention of the GPS. Recently, he was presented with the National Medal of Technology. The press release of the Naval Research Laboratory details the invention by this remarkable man.

Bruce and Ed
Oldie-but-goodie picture of the month: Bruce Airheart says go one way, Eric the driver just smiles and peers at the map, and Ed Bearss points the other way.



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