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Yesterday's News • April 2006


Lewis and Clark Tour with Gary Moulton

Historian Guide Gary Moulton spent 22 years editing the Journals of Lewis and Clark. He will lead our Lewis and Clark tour in June and YOU can be a participant. You can read about Gary's involvement with the journals. It will give you some idea why he is so respected by his fellow scholars and all who travel with him.

One of the outstanding sites on the upcoming tour June 19–26 is Beacon Rock, which affords breathtaking views. Those of us who took the 1996 trip on the small ship Yorktown Clipper with Stephen Ambrose will remember it well — viewed from the Columbia River. On this year's tour, those who choose will climb the rock with Gary Moulton and see the Columbia from a completely different perspective.

We are also very excited to be going to the Cathlapotle Plankhouse in the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge along the Columbia River in Washington. It will be a first for HistoryAmerica, and Gary Moulton believes tour participants will be as fascinated as he was on his first visit a few months ago. Remember, you still have time to join the 32 others who will accompany Gary on this year's Lewis and Clark adventure, which takes us to the Pacific for the first time. Jerry Allen and Pete Brown are serving as tour directors.



Recent Group Photos

Below is the Deluge in the Delta group at the New Orleans Yacht Harbor on March 14. The destruction in New Orleans was shocking to all, as was learning about the little known Great Mississippi Flood of 1927. Friends from all quarters assisted guides Jack Waugh and Ed Bearss in making the tour one that Ed called "one in a million."

Below is the Apache Wars group on March 23 at Fort Bowie AZ on a clear and crisp day. Neil Mangum, the leader, is in the center in the tall hat which is shading his face. We had just hiked up the historic trail to the adobe ruins of the fort. The final night was highlighted by a heartfelt talk given by special guest Silas Cochise, great-grandson of legendary Chiracahua chief Cochise.


News Bits From HistoryAmerica

Ed Bearss has done it again. On May 2, 2006, his latest book, Fields of Honor, will be released for sale. It is published by National Geographic with the introduction by James McPherson. The book is based on more than 400 hours of Ed's lectures on tours given by The Blue and Gray Education Society, led by Len Riedel. Bring your copy along on any of the HistoryAmerica tours with Ed Bearss in 2006, and he will personally inscribe it for you.

bookFriend and Historian Guide Craig Symonds also has a wonderful new book out, Decision at Sea. He and his wife, Marylou, were houseguests of Pete and Julia recently when Craig spoke to three of the North Texas Civil War Round Tables. The book has been awarded the Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt Naval History Prize, and we can personally recommend it as being excellent.

Point of interest: HistoryAmerica Regular Sharlene Deskins has passed along information about her dad, Don Deskins, a man who found success not only in his career as a geographer, but on the football field as well.










Oldie-but-goodie picture of the month

The Crazy Horse and Custer tour group photo taken on June 28, 1997, by van driver Dave Jagodzinski, obviously a professional photographer. The group is posed just below the famous Crow's Nest where, on the morning of June 25, 1876, Custer's scouts warned him of the large number of Indians in the distance. Neil Mangum is front and center and Bruce Airheart, brother-in-law of the photographer, is in the back center sporting a cowboy hat.


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