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Yesterday's News • November 2006


Apache Wars: on the Warpath with Geronimo and Cochise

signApache — the very word was enough to incite fear. The name means "enemy" and was accepted as an appropriate title for the Indians who resisted the white encroachment in the 1870s.

Join us March 18–25, 2007, for Apache Wars: On the Warpath with Geronimo and Cochise, one of our most popular tours with one of our most popular Historian Guides, Neil Mangum. He will bring back all the drama, passion, and poignancy of the Apache Wars. Don't wait too long to sign up for this extraordinary learning vacation.


Civil War on the Red River April 4-20, 2007
Prices much reduced!

Delta QueenThe Delta Queen has given HistoryAmerica new prices on the Red River Cruise that are 25 percent below the catalog price. Each new price includes a $169.00 port charge:
   Catagory E – $2613.25
   Catagory D – $2913.25
   Catagory C – $3130.75

You can now visit Civil War historic sites while enjoying the elegance and ease that only steamboatin’ offers.

And more good news — the 10 percent reduced rate on the Chattanooga-to-Birmingham cruise has been extended so you can still get a great deal there, too.

Sign up now for these wonderful adventures. Call Georgia at 1-800-628-8542 or Charlene at 1-866-956-4440.


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The Revolutionary War in the West


Marching Through Georgia

Carolinas Tour Group

Civil War on the Carolina Coast


News Bits From HistoryAmerica

>> Take a look at our website, www.historyamerica.com and note the ongoing changes. The 2007 events are on the home page and are linked to details on each tour and cruise. Plans for 2007 include more photos, more input from travelers, more maps, and more detail on upcoming tours and cruises.

>> We have retained Liz Clare to continue producing the much appreciated reading lists for each event. In 2004 Pete and Julia felt it was time to upgrade the reading lists and it was essential to engage someone who loves books and American history. Liz is with the Texas State Library and fits the bill perfectly. She is always careful to point out which books are essential and yet provide plenty of additional titles for those who want to prepare in more depth.

>> Both Bruce Airheart and Phil Waldren have committed to serving as tour directors for HistoryAmerica in 2007. They are appreciated by groups for their endless attention to detail, ability to keep the events on schedule, and willingness to go the extra distance in providing service. We are thrilled to have them involved.

A Note from Pete Brown

Dear History Enthusiasts,

We completed our sixteenth year in the field with three trips that epitomized HistoryAmerica in innumerable ways. New friends joined loyal regulars making return visits. Jim Holmberg, Ed Bearss and Jim McPherson, the Historian Guides, made the history and the people involved all seem very real, day after day. They are the best in the business. And, there was plenty of lagniappe on all three tours.

The tour material you receive on the web and in the printed form only gives a short summation of what we are going to do on a given day out in the field. We invariably do far more. We never mentioned we would see the recovered Civil War submarine the CSS Hunley while in Charleston, for fear it might not work out. Not only did we see the sub, but thanks to the presence of Jim McPherson, we were invited into the lab where the research is ongoing. This was a rare treat, and one the tour participants deeply appreciated. Extras such as this occur with great frequency and lead our clients to come back over and over again.

Sharon McDermott and Georgia O’Connor, the new owners, were both out on tour in the final weeks of 2006. They came back highly energized with a deep commitment to the continuation of the authentic history, great historians and quality service that have characterized HistoryAmerica to this point. Give them a call soon at (800) 628-8542.

Regards, Pete

A Note from Sharon

Marching Through Georgia was not the first History America tour I’ve been on, but experiencing it from the perspective of a partner this time instead of a participant was, to say the least, interesting and revealing. As enlightening as it was, however, there were really no major surprises, as I already knew what kind of behind the scenes efforts Pete and Julia had always put into their company and its great programs. Accommodations, as always, were just right and meals were thoughtfully planned. Nothing was left to chance. Even during breaks and unscheduled time, there were Pete, Bruce, Ed Bearss, and Henry our amazing driver huddled together conferring over the latest Atlanta city maps and discussing how to get the motor coach through narrow neighborhood streets to the battle sites that I’m pretty sure a lot of people in Atlanta don’t even know about.

What struck me most, though, about the trip was the best wishes and genuine warmth and encouragement that was extended to me by the tour members. Mike and Georgia O’Connor and I know we have a tough act to follow, but judging from the number of registrations for the ’07 tours we have so far, loyal HistoryAmerica Tours customers, now new friends, are going to march on with us.

Warmest regards, Sharon

A Note from Georgia

Dear HistoryAmerica Travelers:

Last month on the Carolina Coast I joined the club. No wonder some of you have been traveling at least once a year with HistoryAmerica for many years. And how grateful we in Rapid City are that you want to continue with this journey into America’s past. Yes, my fellow travelers told me that HistoryAmerica gave better tours than Smithsonian. Now that I’ve been there, I believe it. What they didn’t tell me was how bright, interesting, warm and charming these history enthusiasts would be. And – they were fun, too! Who wouldn’t want to travel with HistoryAmerica TOURS.

At home I thought back on meeting a Pulitzer Prize winner and getting a week long history lesson from him. How he and his lovely wife warmly welcomed the other historians who joined us along the way. This backed by the most extraordinary planning and organization made it a week that I want to repeat soon.

What a challenge for us in South Dakota to meet, but what an inspiration to do exactly that. That’s our first pledge to you and with Pete’s help for the next few years I believe we can do it.

Wishing you all the best, Georgia



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