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What's New • December 2007
Greetings, Regulars and Other Friends



The Ireland Never Seen:
A Journey Into Irish-American History

IrelandThere is a whole world of history to discover in The Ireland Never Seen, June 16–26, 2008, which takes you to the Emerald Isle, a land surrounded by culture and heritage at every turn. From dark and ancient cities to rolling hills bathed in brilliant green, this tour is a journey into Irish-American history that reveals a tapestry of bonds deeply intertwined between our two countries. HistoryAmerica invites you to join us on this extraordinary journey.

Travel through the unparalleled beauty of Ireland's mountains, moorlands, and sea cliffs while learning of the striking kinship between Ireland and the United States. For almost 400 years the sons and daughters of Ireland have come to America and played a central role in defining our country's character and identity. From presidents to award-winning authors, to Medal of Honor recipients, contributions by the Irish have been of every description.

But more than just tales of ancestry and immigrants, this tour moves through times of tribal clashes, foreign invasions, Viking raids, family feuds, and wars of rebellion. With imagination and expertise, Deirdre Burns will lead us through the rugged and magnificent 7,000 years of Irish culture, politics, and social history on a learning vacation like no other.



Ulster American Folk Park

ulsterStanding as a permanent symbol of the many links which have been forged between Ireland and America, the Folk Park in Ulster, Northern Ireland, was constructed around the original homestead of Thomas Mellon, who as a young boy emigrated with his parents to western Pennsylvania. The center tells the story of emigration from Ulster to America in the 18th and 19th centuries and provides visitors with a "living history" experience in an open air museum setting. Costumed presenters go about their everyday tasks in the traditional manner in authentically furnished Old and New World Buildings. The story is made complete with a full-size reconstruction of an early 19th-century sailing ship of the type that carried thousands of emigrants across the Atlantic.


Historian Guide Deirdre Burns

BurnsBob Shapley, a Ten Tour Club member from Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, traveled with HistoryAmerica to Ireland in 2003. When he received the 2008 Travel Guide, he wrote the following note: "You will absolutely adore Deirdre Burns. She is extremely bright, articulate, charming, and one of the most knowledgeable historians you will ever employ. The Ireland trip is a must for folks who enjoy history."

Deirdre was born and educated in Ireland. She is a graduate of the National University of Ireland with a post graduate degree in Teacher Training. She taught history before becoming a National Irish Tourist Guide (Distinction) in 1966. She specializes in researching, guiding, and speaking for academic and special interest tours of Ireland.


HistoryAmerica News Bits

Save the Queen

QueenDelta Queen fans are no doubt aware of the grass roots movement to save the Delta Queen. HistoryAmerica highly approves, and we have written our senators. "USA Today" did a big article on the movement in its November 1 issue. On the side of realism, because the Senate Commerce Committee has refused to bring the "special exemption" to the floor of the senate, it would require the support more than 50 percent of the members to bring the exemption to a vote. That is a very difficult standard to meet.


The staff at HistoryAmerica TOURS is now hard at work planning the 2009 travel schedule. In addition, ample time is dedicated to the tours for 2008 as we continue to strive for excellence and authenticity in everything that we offer our travelers. We want nothing but the best for you.


Despite the last two years of difficulties with the sale of the clipper ship Odyssey and the cancellation of the Mississippi Queen, we remain undaunted in our quest for cruises for 2009. In particular we are looking into the feasibility of chartering a ship for a cruise similar to the WWII in the South Pacific cruise that was scheduled for '07. We will keep you posted.


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