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What's New • March 2008
Greetings, Regulars and Other Friends


Nova Scotia: Fulcrum of the Seven Years War

CanadaAcadia, Nova Scotia, was founded in 1605 as the first permanent settlement in North America. From its beginning, there was a French-English rivalry for control that kept the settlers on the brink of war. The first shot was fired by the English in the Siege of Ft. Beausejour, and one year later there was a formal declaration of war. Known in North America as the French and Indian War, the Seven Years War lasted from 1756 to 1763 and escalated into a conflict that would permanently change the world.

One of the most tragic episodes of this era was the expulsion of the French Acadians, described in Longfellow's poignant poem "Evangeline." It was a time of cruel deeds by cruel officials when people were hanged for robbery, imprisoned for debt, and governed by arbitrary laws. The influence of the Acadians is intertwined with the history of Nova Scotia from the first settlements of the Europeans to the present day, creating a blended culture that is the essence of this beautiful land.

No one knows this enthralling story better than historian Brian Cuthbertson, who will guide this tour that highlights Nova Scotia's history. Along with conflict and conquest, you will learn of the unique heritage and culture of this province and take in its breathtaking scenery. Call (800) 628-8542 to join HistoryAmerica TOURS on Nova Scotia: Fulcrum of the Seven Years War, August 27 to September 5, 2008.



Arnold and Allen

Last Chance for Lake Champlain!

This is your last opportunity for several years to join HistoryAmerica TOURS on a visit to the beautiful Champlain Valley where you will see the sites of three major wars that each shaped the United States we know today. On the tour Lake Champlain: The Crucible of North American Wars, May 29–June 6, 2008, Professor Thomas Mandeville will take you to well known sites and places seldom seen that relate to the French and Indian War, the Revolutionary War, and the War of 1812.

Have you seen the beautiful PDF map by Kieran McAuliffe that leads you through the area and some of the sites on the tour. Have you been thinking about a Lake Champlain tour? Call now before it's too late, to ensure a place on this exceptional learning vacation to one of the most history-rich areas in America.




Meet Brian Cuthbertson

Brian Cuthbertson, historian guide on the Nova Scotia tour, is a leading historian of Nova Scotia. He is a past archivist for the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, is the former publisher and editor of the Nova Scotia Historical Review, and is the former Head of Heritage for Nova Scotia. He has been writing on Nova Scotia history since he first published a biography in 1978, and his books now number in double digits.

Brian received high praise from HistoryAmerica travelers on his 2001 and 2005 tours.

Traveler Mark Costin said of the Nova Scotia tour, "Another Triumph for HistoryAmerica. The Nova Scotia Tour had it all: amazing gardens, spectacular scenery, great museums as well as historic forts and battlefields. I quickly warmed to Brian Cuthbertson's subtle wit and vast knowledge of Nova Scotia history. A highly recommended vacation."

Kathleen Kichak said, "Brian Cuthbertson is the Ed Bearss of Nova Scotia. He never tires of talking about the subject he obviously loves. He fields diverse questions with amazing precision and wit. Nova Scotia is a place of incredible beauty, fascinating history, and warm people." That is certainly high praise from this HistoryAmerica traveler and Ed Bearss fan.




HistoryAmerica News Bits

Exciting news! Because the tour Vicksburg: Fighting for the Gibraltar of the Confederacy led by Ed Bearss has been full since November, Ed has consented to do another Vicksburg tour in the spring of 2009. No wonder this tour is a hit — historian Jack Waugh summed it up when he described the popular historian as the man who knows more about Vicksburg than anyone except Grant himself.

It's official! Mike O'Connor will be retiring July 1 and his first duty with HistoryAmerica TOURS will be assisting Bruce Airheart as assistant tour director on Nez Perce: The Failed Flight for Freedom. He is really looking forward to his new career and his first tour with Ed Bearss.



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