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What's New • July 2008
Greetings, Regulars and Other Friends



Marching Through Georgia

Just in time for the beautiful fall colors to begin turning, October 22–30, our tour Marching Through Georgia: Sherman Wages Total War will land you in the midst of Atlanta's splendid autumn leaves in all their glory. This tour will be led by nationally acclaimed Civil War historian and tour guide Ed Bearss, whose encyclopedic knowledge will astound you. He will take you on Sherman's bloody trail through Atlanta, all the way to the beaches of the Atlantic.

En route you will relive the action and events at seldom visited sites such as Ebenezer Creek and several rarely seen battlefield locations. Some of these remain today as they existed in 1864, while others have been nearly buried by a century and a half of modern development. You will see the true story of Sherman's famous Atlanta Campaign and March to the Sea unfold as never before in this week-long, one-of-a-kind, step-by-step portrayal of the final fatal thrust into the heart of the Confederacy by the man who came to personify total war.



The Battle of Griswoldville

MapThe Battle of Griswoldville near Macon, Georgia, November 22, 1864, was the only infantry battle opposing General Sherman's March to the Sea. Fearful that Sherman's objective was Augusta, Georgia, with its arsenal, foundry and workshops, Confederate commander Lieutenant General William J. Hardee ordered his available troops, the 1st Georgia Militia Division, to proceed in that direction. There they met Brig. Gen. Charles Walcutt, and the battle raged until sundown. The Union won, but no one ever will forget the bravery of the Georgia Militia as the soldiers repeatedly charged into intense fire at Griswoldville.

The Union soldiers, when clearing the battlefield, were awed to find gray-haired old men and boys no older than 15. Hear more of the details of this poignant story on the Marching Through Georgia tour.



Ed Bearss: Larger than Life

BearssThere is not much to be said about Ed Bearss that has not been said already. If you type "Edwin C. Bearss" into Google, you get more than 70,000 references.

Historian Dennis Frye said a "battlefield [tour] with Ed Bearss [is a] transcendental experience."

Smithsonian magazine, in the series "35 Who Made a Difference," describes a scene on a Bearss tour: "Several dozen listeners stand silent, transfixed. In Civil War circles, Bearss is nothing short of a rock star. What inspires such adulation? As historian and battlefield guide, Bearss' store of knowledge is prodigious."

The National Trust for Historic Preservation, one of the many organizations for which Ed Bearss leads tours, says, "Edwin C. Bearss is legendary for his encyclopedic knowledge, memory for historical detail, and ability to bring history alive."

No wonder HistoryAmerica TOURS is thrilled every time Ed Bearss says yes to another tour. We love him and know how lucky we are to have him. If you never have been on an Ed Bearss battlefield tour, you have missed a great experience. Join us on Marching through Georgia and fill that travel void.



Lake Champlain Tour

The number of travelers on the Lake Champlain tour may have been small, but what they lacked in size they more than made up for in enthusiasm. It was a real treat to have two historians instead of just one. Tom Prey, another northern New Yorker joined Tom Mandeville on several days and the two of them, in addition to teaching us history, modeled almost every uniform from three wars. Georgia was thrilled to meet and spend time with this group of really exceptional HistoryAmerica travelers. Thank you to Phil Waldron and our historians for another great tour.



HistoryAmerica News Bits

  • Ed Bearss celebrated is 85th birthday last month. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ED! This year Ed requested that money for his birthday be sent to the Newtonia Battlefield where the Richey Mansion was seriously damaged by a tornado in June. HistoryAmerica sent a check in honor of this exceptional man. If you would like to do the same, donations can be sent to Kay Hively, 600 West Hickory, Neosho MO 64850. Make the check payable to "Newtonia Battlefields Protection Association."
  • Have you seen the new Civil War Preservations Trust website, www.civilwar.org. If not, it's definitely worth a visit.
  • After 24 years on the bench, Michael O'Connor, one of the new owners of HAT, retired July 1. He had a two-day break before we put him on a plane for Lewiston, Montana, to assist Bruce Airheart on the Nez Perce tour. He reports that it was well worth the rush and he is very enthusiastic about participating in HistoryAmerica.
  • Our thoughts and prayers go out to HAT's dear friend Barthell Joseph of Greenville, Mississippi, who is fighting cancer. Barthell hosted the Deluge on the Delta travelers in 2006 and has taken many HistoryAmerica tours.

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