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What's New • August 2008
Greetings, Regulars and Other Friends


A Civil War Trio: Not to be Missed

There is still time! From the 6th of October through the 9th of November, HistoryAmerica TOURS will be hosting a triad of southern historical tours. Join one or more of these unmatched journeys into the deep and unparalleled history of the Civil War in the South. Robert E. Lee Krick, Edwin C. Bearss, and James McPherson will be leading the way, and we hope you will follow along. If you'd like to join us just call 1-800-628-8542.



Meet the Icons October 6-12

LeeFirst of the Icons of the Confederacy is Robert E. Lee, arguably the greatest general in the Civil War. He led his Army of the Confederacy to a series of victories over larger and better-equipped Union forces. He once said, "It is well that war is so terrible. . . we would grow too fond of it."

Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, a masterful military tactician, was General Lee's best loved subordinate. His tactics have become a template for modern offensive mobile warfare. To quote the man himself, "Always mystify, mislead and surprise the enemy; and when you strike and overcome him, never let up in the pursuit. Never fight against heavy odds if you can hurl your own force on only a part of your enemy and crush it."

Jefferson Davis, a senator from Mississippi, believed that each state was sovereign and had an unquestionable right to secede from the Union. He later explained, "I worked night and day for twelve years to prevent the war, but I could not. The North was mad and blind, would not let us govern ourselves, and so the war came."

Learn more details of the lives of these exceptional men as you visit places that were significant in the short history of the Confederate States of America. Bobby Krick, historian for the National Park Service and your guide on this tour, grew up in Virginia and has spent a lifetime studying and sharing his knowledge of the Confederacy. He is a favorite of HistoryAmerica travelers.




Marching Through Georgia October 22-30

The next tour is the other side of the story with Marching Through Georgia: Sherman Wages Total War. In early May 1864, Sherman's Union Army marched into northwest Georgia with orders to "get into the interior of the enemy's country...inflicting all the damage you can..." A deadly eight-month dance of maneuvers and clashes, thrusts and counterthrusts, battles and sieges would carry the relentless Sherman through Atlanta. You will follow his bloody trail from Atlanta, all the way to the beaches of the Atlantic in this week-long, one-of-a-kind portrayal of the final fatal thrust into the heart of the Confederacy by the man who came to personify total war. On this tour you will acquire intimate knowledge of this man who is one of the most renowned men on either side of the battlefield, Major General William T. Sherman.

This tour is led by the Pied Piper of American History, Edwin C. Bearss, who will bring all of that drama back to life. Through his vivid narratives you will be there when at Yuletide 1864 Sherman offers the port city of Savannah as a Christmas gift to President Lincoln.



Civil War on the Carolina Coast November 2-9

CW bkCompleting this trio is Civil War on the Carolina Coast: First Shot to Final Battles lead by James McPherson. This tour is the perfect finale as it lends detail and drama to the start and end of the Civil War. The tour travels through a region rich in Civil War history.

On April 6, 1861, President Lincoln sent a message to Jefferson Davis stating, "an attempt will be made to supply Fort Sumter with provisions only..." The newly formed Army of the Confederacy thwarted this attempt on April 12 by an attack from James Island on Ft. Sumter. The nation was at war!

Four years later in 1865, the war was nearly over when Sherman marched his Union Army out of Savannah through South Carolina and along the North Carolina Coast to meet Grant's Army of the Potomac. It was in North Carolina that the Union Army captured the last blockade-running port and dealt a fatal blow to the Confederacy.

From Savannah to Bentonville, visit the "hallowed ground" that defined our nation. There is no greater opportunity for a student of the Civil War than to listen to and learn from the teacher and author whose Pulitzer Prize winning book Battle Cry of Freedom is widely recognized as the finest ever written on the Civil War.



Tour Report: Nez Perce

groupAfter ten days of travel through some of the most spectacular areas of our country with some of the most fascinating history, Nez Perce travelers all understood why this is Ed Bearss' favorite tour.

Thank you, Ed! Also thanks to his sidekick, Bruce Airheart, whose main job is to be the foil of all Ed's stories, but who still finds time to hold the tour together with his super organization and planning. They were both terrific, as usual. HistoryAmerica knows how fortunate we are to have historians and tour directors of this caliber.

Go to Group Portraits 2008 and click to see the picture full size.



groupTour Report: Kit Carson

Travelers on the Kit Carson tour agreed that it would be hard to find a historian who is more fun than Mike Koury. Even better, he really knows all about Kit Carson and the West. Combine that with the organizational skills and great sense of humor of Jerry Allen, the tour director, and you have a great tour. That was certainly the consensus of the people on the Kit Carson tour. Thank you, Mike and Jerry!

Go to Group Portraits 2008 and click to see the picture full size.


Announcing the Exciting 2009 Tour Schedule

  • Border Wars: Conquistadores, Apaches, and Pancho Villa
    March 21–29 with Historian Guide Neil Mangum
  • Historic Texas: From the Alamo to LBJ
    April 2–10 with Historian Guide Edwin C. Bearss
  • America's Naval Heritage: Anchors Away
    April 14–21 with Historian Guide Craig Symonds
  • Antietam and Gettysburg: Killing Fields that Changed America
    May 3–10 with Historian Guide James McPherson
  • Civil War on the Gulf Coast: Time of Trial on Land and Sea
    May 18–25 with Historian Guide Edwin C. Bearss
  • The Shenandoah Valley at War: The Center of the Struggle
    June 7–13 with Historian Guide Frank O'Reilly
  • Riding with Forrest: The "Wizard in the Saddle"
    June 21–27 with Historian Guide Brian Wills
  • The Bozeman Trail: Where Soldiers, Sioux, and Settlers Collided
    July 12–19 with Historian Guide Mike Koury
  • New Mexico Through the Ages: Five Centuries of Conflict
    September 27–October 4 with Historian Guide Neil Mangum
  • Vicksburg: Fighting for the "Gibraltar of the Confederacy"
    September 27–October 4 with Historian Guide Edwin C. Bearss
  • The Forging of a Presidency: Lincoln Transfixes New York & New England
    October 11–18 with Historian Guide Harold Holzer
  • The Revolutionary War in the South: A Quest for Independence
    November 2–10 with Historian Guide Edwin C. Bearss

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