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What's New • November 2008
Greetings, Regulars and Other Friends




America's Naval Heritage: Anchors Aweigh!

From its inception in 1775, the navy established itself as a principal player in world affairs. It saw action in the American Revolution and the War of 1812. It contributed with a blockade when the United States went to war against Mexico. It ushered in a new era during the Civil War when ironclads were put into combat for the first time. Early in the 20th century, the navy grew into a formidable force and extended its capabilities into the global arena. By World War II the size of the U.S. Navy was larger than the combined fleets of all the other combatant nations. Its contribution to the Allies' success in the Pacific Theater cannot be over-stated.

America's Naval Heritage: Anchors Aweigh!, April 14–21, is a tour unique to HistoryAmerica, and no one can tell this story better than the renowned scholar and Annapolis professor Craig Symonds. You will come to know important naval battles and visit outstanding maritime museums, and you will tour some of the most significant warships of America's nautical history. Call (800) 628-8542 for more information or to register for the tour.



HAT Welcomes Symonds Back!

SymondsCraig Symonds, professor emeritus at the United States Naval Academy, is a recipient of both the Academy's Excellence in Teaching and Excellence in Research Awards. These talents are very apparent when you travel with Symonds. The Oxford University Press says that "Symonds tells spellbinding narratives." HAT travelers concur. "Incredibly knowledgeable, brilliant lecturer, and funny. What a guy!" says Tom Lavin. Wendy Swanson adds, "I certainly hope Craig's schedule will allow him to give another tour soon. I would tour with him again in a heartbeat."

Craig has finished the latest of many acclaimed books, Lincoln and His Admirals, and will be touring with HistoryAmerica again this year when he leads the 2009 tour America's Naval Heritage. Like his latest book, which the Washington Post says is "an important Lincoln book of genuine originality," this is a genuinely original tour designed for HistoryAmerica by Craig and his wife, Marylou, a historian in her own right and a great asset on tour. HAT is delighted to have them back!



Marching Through Georgia: Sherman Wages Total War

Our march to the sea with General Sherman and "Admiral" Bearss came to an end in Beaufort, South Carolina, where HistoryAmerica's intrepid travelers had their picture taken in front of Saint Helena's Episcopal Church. The Marching through Georgia tour was lead by our incomparable Historian Guide Ed Bearss. As we crossed Georgia through wind and rain and over hill and dale, Ed reminded us that we were lucky to be hiking in the same kind of weather that often plagued Sherman. We at HistoryAmerica know that we are fortunate to be traveling with Ed any time. What a privilege. Thanks, Ed, without you we could not have had the tour. Additionally, without Bruce Airheart the tour would not have been the on-time, smooth operation that it was. Thanks, Bruce, great job!



HistoryAmerica News Bits

  • Pete Brown, founding owner of HistoryAmerica TOURS, is at the Lincoln Forum and reports that the enthusiasm about the upcoming Lincoln Bicentennial is tremendous. There has been a good response to our tour The Forging of a Presidency next fall.
  • Last month HAT travelers on Icons of the Confederacy had an extra treat when they met Frank O'Reilly one night at the Jackson Shrine. His memorable candlelight tour of the house where Stonewall Jackson died must have impressed them a great deal, as since then we have had six Icons travelers sign up for the the Shenandoah Valley at War tour that O'Reilly will be leading next June.
  • It's a dinner-on-your-own day in Marietta, Georgia. What to do? On the recent Marching through Georgia tour David Horn, Bruce Airheart, and Mike O'Connor found a solution. They indulged their love of fine hot dogs by crossing Windy Hill Road in front of the Hyatt and going to "Barkers Red Hots." Barkers has real charcoal grilled hot dogs, sausages, and sandwiches. There is, of course, a fine selection of toppings and condiments to dress up your dog. Horn and O'Connor thought the first dog was so good that they gave in to temptation and had a second. The opinion shared by all three was that Barkers' dogs are terrific. If you go there don't eat them all; leave some for us the next time we are in Atlanta.
  • CONFLICT AVERTED! Feathers and fur will not fly on Peridot Lane. It seems that representatives of the large flock of wild turkeys that live just outside the office have reached an understanding with Sydney, the HistoryAmerica cat-in-residence. While the flock's feathers remain unruffled at the prospects of peace, the new detente has caused some frustration for Sydney. However, once he is finished with the twelve-step anger management program he has enrolled in, we expect Syd to resume his normal duties as office guardian.

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