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What's New • March 2009
Greetings, Regulars and Other Friends



"Bloody Bozeman" Closed After Red Cloud's War

This was not a real headline in 1868, but it could have been. When John Bozeman established his wagon route through the maze of Indian trails that ran through the Powder River country, he could not foresee the conflicts to come. He could not know that in about six years after the founding of the trail, President Grant would order the removal of the soldiers and forts that guarded it. Now, 140 years later, you can reserve your place on The Bozeman Trail: Where Soldiers, Sioux, and Settlers Collided, July 12–19. Let HistoryAmerica and Mike Koury take you "where history happened" on this famous and legendary route. From Deer Creek Station, the first point of departure on the trail, to Virginia City, Montana, where the discovery of gold provided the impetus for the establishment of the trail, you will learn the dramatic stories of the people who traveled, struggled, fought, and died along the trail.

You will visit the sites of all five of the forts on the trail and hear Mike Koury talk about the events that happened around these locations. You will learn of the role that Crazy Horse played in the Fetterman Massacre and how Captain Fetterman's actions and attitudes may have helped Crazy Horse and the Sioux achieve their victory. Other western figures you will come to know include Jim Bridger, John Bozeman, Nelson Story, General Conner, Red Cloud, Chief Plenty Coups, and many others.

The Bozeman Trail tour is going to be exceptional. Don't miss it. Call 800-628-8542 now!


Laugh and Learn with Mike!

KouryIf you are the kind of person who wants to have fun and learn at the same time, and you haven't traveled with Mike Koury, then you've missed something special. Mike and his wife, Dee, are the founders and owners of the Old Army Press. He has published more than 150 books on the American West and has produced numerous historical videos. In addition, he has written five books and the scripts for five video productions. A popular man on the lecture circuit, this is a man who knows not only the fine details of history, but also all the unique personalities and events. He will share all of these with you when you sign up for The Bozeman Trail: Where Soldiers, Sioux, and Settlers Collided, July 12-19, 2009.


HAT Historians Share Lincoln Prize

LincolnThe Gettysburg College announcement: "Two books that redefine Abraham Lincoln's command of the largest army and navy of the 19th century will share the 2009 Lincoln Prize, which is endowed by Richard Gilder and Lewis Lehrman and administered by Gettysburg College. The winners are James McPherson for Tried by War: Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief and Craig Symonds for Lincoln and His Admirals: Abraham Lincoln, the U.S. Navy, and the Civil War."

The merits of these two exceptional historians are familiar to HistoryAmerica travelers. This great honor could not have been given to two more deserving individuals, and HAT sends congratulations to them.

HistoryAmerica believes that this is just one more example of the caliber of all HAT historians. How proud we are to have such outstanding people leading our tours.


HistoryAmerica News Bits

  • Hopeful that in better economic times HistoryAmerica may again take you "where history happened," we have decided that instead of closing the company, at the end of 2009, we will simply suspend operations. Yes, the dozens of wonderful notes and phone calls that we have received have influenced our decision, and we thank you all. We will not close the corporation, and of course we will faithfully save all the files filled with wonderful tours and knowledge that HAT has accumulated over many years of operation. In November we will say ALOHA and not goodbye.
  • If you have been thinking of signing up for the tour New Mexico Through the Ages, a fascinating study of the conflicts and cultures of the "land of infinite variety," we ask you to please not wait. Neil Mangum must know by May if there are enough travelers to run the tour. He has another offer (not a better offer), that he must respond to by that time, and HistoryAmerica doesn't want to keep him from other pursuits. The passenger numbers are close, but not there yet. Call 1-800-628-8542 now!
  • The Historic Texas: The Alamo to LBJ tour will commence in San Antonio on April 2. Michael and Georgia O'Connor are excited to be off on another HistoryAmerica adventure, seeing old friends, meeting new travelers, and soaking up every morsel of information that Ed Bearss has to offer. NOTE: Because we are on a cost saving venture, Michael will be a paying customer. Of course he has to work anyway!
  • HAT Cat on the mend! After being diagnosed with hyperthyroid disease, Sydney has started on new medication. He no longer looks like a survivor of a cat prison camp, and he no longer acts like an escapee from a mental hospital. He's sleeping, eating, gaining weight, and the future looks good for this 17-year-old cat.


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