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What's New • April 2009
Greetings, Regulars and Other Friends


Insider Tips for Traveling with a Tour Company

As you know, HistoryAmerica has had to cancel several tours this year. We understand that the downturn in the economy has created financial hardships and people feel the need to economize. However, it came to our attention after the tours were cancelled that we could have run more of them had people been aware of the importance of early registration.

Here's why registering early is important:

Hotel and bus reservations for tours are made a year in advance to ensure the lowest rates possible. Seventy days before the tour, firm commitments is required. After that time, we are responsible for all rooms that have been reserved as well as the bus contracts. If we do not have enough people signed up 70 days out, we cancel these arrangements rather than take the chance of losing potentially thousands of dollars. Remember, if HistoryAmerica cancels a tour, we refund all deposits to the tour members. So, dear friends, if you want to travel with us, please let us know as soon as possible. If instead, everyone waits to make sure a tour is a "go," it is often too late. We regret that this was the case with several of our programs this year.

Another bit of advice: Delay making your plane reservations until you know that the tour has enough people to operate. Feel free to call us any time to check the status of your tour. We always know 70 days prior to departure if we are going to run a tour, and that is generally plenty of time to make your plane reservations and get whatever good deals the airlines are offering.


John Bozeman: A Man Undaunted by Danger

BozemanWhen the gold rush first came to the Powder River Valley of Montana, the government left it largely unchecked, due to the demands of the Civil War. The miners heading into Montana were left to their own devices and defenses. Two men, John Bozeman and John Jacobs, had come to the logical conclusion that mining for gold was not nearly as profitable as supplying those who did. With this in mind, they pioneered a route from the Oregon Trail to the gold fields at Virginia City.

In the years following the Civil War, the U.S. Army established three new forts to help protect and encourage travel on the new route. On the arrival and entrenchment of so many white men in one of the last refuges left to the Native population, the Indians recognized a serious threat. With great leaders such as Red Cloud, Crazy Horse, and Plenty Coups, the rush for gold and expansion was pushed back in a dramatic and deadly way.

Join HistoryAmerica TOURS to learn more of a man's vision of the future in a wild land. The Bozeman Trail: Where Soldiers, Sioux, and Settlers Collided will hit the trail July 12-19. It is led by Historian Guide Mike Koury, a man with a vast knowledge of the many people and legends that came to life during the violent years of the "bloody Bozeman." This will be a great tour, and with Mike you will gain a great deal of knowledge and have a great deal of fun. Don't miss it!


New Mexico: A Story Around Every Corner

NMAre you a fan of the romance and adventure that is conjured by the great Southwest? Join HistoryAmerica on New Mexico Through the Ages, September 27-October 4, and you will have memories and stories for years to come. This tour has something for everyone: the conquistadors to the atom bomb, Pueblo cultures, the Apache and Navaho defense of their lands, the Mexican War, the Civil War, the Lincoln County War, and the Pancho Villa raids. New Mexico history and culture has shaped the American Southwest, the West, and the United States as a Nation.

HistoryAmerica will take you again where history happened. You will visit sites where wonderful pieces of history are now remembered without so much as a plaque and others that are excellent examples of professional conservation that will last well beyond our lifetime. You will visit the Trinity Site where the first atomic bomb was tested, a location that few have the opportunity to see. If your primary interest is Native history, then you will be captivated by the conflicts with the Pueblo, Navaho, and Mescalero Apaches caused by the influx of settlers, the multiple regime changes in Mexico, and policies of the United States government.

The story of New Mexico has developed over many hundreds of years and we are proud to have Historian Guide Neil Mangum retell it in all its glory. Don't miss out on one of the truest tall tales ever told. Mangum, a veteran of the National Park Service, received his Masters Degree at the University of New Mexico and his knowledge of the state is exceeded only by his ability to tell a great story. He is truly a favorite of HistoryAmerica travelers.

Don't miss this unique tour being offered for the first time. Call (800) 628-8542. Time is limited, as Neil has to know by the 15th of May if this tour will run.


Coming this Fall: Travels with Ed


September 23 to October 4, Ed Bearss will lead you on The Vicksburg Campaign: Fighting for the "Gibraltar of the Confederacy." Jack Waugh, another noted historian, says that "going to Vicksburg with Ed Bearss is second only to going with Grant himself." We at HistoryAmerica believe that no one would argue with the statement that Ed knows more about the Vicksburg campaign than any other historian. Last year's Vicksburg tour that Ed led was so well received that, by popular demand, it is being expanded by two days and run again this year. This tour is so good that it has HAT travelers taking it for a second time. Don't miss Ed's tour of this pivotal campaign of the Civil War.

November 2-10, Ed 's Revolution in the Southern Colonies; Wearing Down the British starts in Charleston, South Carolina, with the attempt to capture the city. It takes you to the battlefields that were crucial turning points in the war, such as Cowpens and Kings Mountain. The tour ends at Yorktown where General Washington observed as General Lincoln accepted the surrender of General Cornwallis in abstentia. For anyone interested in the history of the American Revolution and especially the final chapters, this tour is a must.

  TX group

Texas Tour a Great Success

Above, you see the intrepid Historic Texas travelers at the Admiral Nimitz Museum in Frederick, Texas.

The consensus was: Ed was fabulous, as expected; Bruce kept us all squared away and played the perfect straight man for Ed, also expected; Michael, our bus driver, deserved a gold star for valor; and the history of the Lone Star State is fascinating. HistoryAmerica travelers dealt well with the Texas wind, but were stunned by the devastation on Galveston Island left by hurricane Rita.

Thank you, Ed, Bruce, Michael, and all you great people who traveled with us in Texas.


HistoryAmerica News Bits

The View from the Cat Box

By Sydney the Office Cat

SydPerhaps I shouldn't complain, but my view from the cat box is not very good. In fact if it were any worse I'd be a mushroom. Yes, you've guessed it, my box is in the basement, or the "lower level suite" as I prefer to call it. The folks upstairs also keep some of their office supplies down here, i.e. folders, lanyards, envelopes, and things like that. I am sure the absence of cat food is just an oversight.

They kept me out of the office today, but I did hear them talking about the good time everyone had on the recent Texas tour. I know they would like a few more people to come with them on the New Mexico and Bozeman Trail tours. I would call them but I can't. No fingers you know. Oops, I'm going now. The front door just opened and I know a mouse that needs to be chased.

Capriciously Yours, Syd


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