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What's New • June 2009
Greetings, Regulars and Other Friends


Revolution in the Southern Colonies


In 1780 British concern over the course of the war in the North prompted them to change venues. Military strategists saw the South as a Loyalist stronghold and believed that this was a way to bring an easy end to the war. In addition, Southern agricultural products — tobacco, rice and indigo — were important to British merchants and were necessary to fund the war. Following this decision, the fall of Charleston on May 12, 1780, was perhaps the worst American defeat of the war.

The South, however, was much more divided than Britain estimated. The strengthening of Loyalist sentiment and subsequent Patriot hostility resurrected age-old animosities and loyalties as regions, individuals, and even families chose sides. As a result, the rebellion took on the nature of a violent civil war. The regions farthest south were ravaged as no other section of the country.

Join HistoryAmerica and Historian Guide Edwin Bearss to hear the story of the end of the war that created the United States of America. Revolution in the Southern Colonies: Wearing Down the British starts in Charleston, South Carolina, on November 2 and ends in Williamsburg, Virginia, on November 10. Ed Bearss, the most popular battlefield guide in the country, will tell you of the events and the major players in this drama, and you will relive the campaigns that made us a free and independent nation. Call HistoryAmerica now (800-628-8542) to reserve a place on this exceptional tour.


The Battle of Cowpens


The Battle of Cowpens, when viewed in the context of the Southern Campaign, was the turning point of the American Revolution. Cowpens National Battlefield, a pasturing area at the time of the battle, commemorates the place where Daniel Morgan and his army turned the flanks of Banastre Tarleton's British army. This classic military tactic, known as a double envelopment, was the masterpiece of the entire war because of Morgan's unique deployment of troops, including his effective use of the militia and maximization of their strengths. A visit to the Cowpens National Battlefield and hearing, from the extraordinary Ed Bearss, about the battle waged there will be one of the highlights of the tour Revolution in the Southern Colonies: Wearing Down the British.


Happy Birthday, Ed Bearss

BearssFor those of you who don't know Ed and have never traveled with him, Ed Bearss is commonly known as the "Pied Piper of History." It is absolutely true that when Ed leads a battlefield tour, people flock to go along. He is the only American historian who does tours on every war from the American Revolution to World War II. His knowledge is encyclopedic and his portrayals both fun and fascinating. Within days of his 86th birthday, his energy is nothing short of amazing. To travel with Ed is an experience like no other!

The Bearss Brigade will be celebrating Ed's 86th birthday on June 26, 2009, at the Arlington Hilton. The invitation and form for your response is available in PDF.

HistoryAmerica TOURS sends best wishes on this special occasion along with a big thank you for all that Ed has contributed to our company. He is truly the "National Treasure" that the Bearss Brigade and the Civil War Preservation Trust (CWPT) have named him.

Traditionally Ed has chosen a battlefield site to be the recipient of his monetary birthday gifts. This year's choice is the Davis Bridge Battlefield in Tennessee. At this location a successful Confederate stand assured that the war would continue in this theater. The CWPT is leading the charge to preserve this site. If you would like to send Ed a birthday card with a donation to the Davis Bridge, or simply a greeting, it can be mailed to the Bearss Brigade, c/o Wendy Swanson, 6200 Wilson Blvd. No. 906, Falls Church VA 22044. Checks should be written to the CWPT with "Davis Bridge" on the "Memo" line.


HistoryAmerica News Bits

Syd's Birthday Greetings to Ed:

SydWhile you humans are quite clever and proud of most of your accomplishments, I hope you realize that cats are the most fortunate of all creatures. I refer, of course, to our well known nine lives. Because of our blasé attitude about our age we often ignore the annual reminder of our age, birthdays. However, there is one birthday that I cannot ignore. On June 26, 2009, Ed Bearss will celebrate his 86th birthday. I have sent him a card and I urge you do the same. In my card I told him, "Have a cat kind of birthday. Do anything you damn well please." I think Ed can follow that advice easily. Happy Birthday, Ed!

Bozeman Trail Notes

Georgia and Michael returned from their scout of the Bozeman Trail with a new appreciation of all the careful planning that goes into a HistoryAmerica tour. Many of the sites are miles from nowhere. On this tour HAT is certainly "taking you where history happened" and also where billions have never been and never will be. We're now ready to roll!

Sad news

Since our last newsletter we have had some very sad news. Sid Champion of Champion Hill was seriously hurt in a four-wheeling accident. Our thoughts and prayers for a rapid recovery are with Sid at this very difficult time. However, because we know what an exceptional man Sid is, both physically and spiritually, we are confident that he will be back on his feet in the shortest time possible.


Everyone is familiar with the old addage "If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute," and that certainly holds true for the Black Hills this year. So far this spring we have experienced four blizzards, a heat wave in the 90s, then more snow, hail storms, and finally tornadoes. The Wild West has the wildest weather of the country, so it seems.


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