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What's New • January 6, 2012
Greetings, Regulars and Other Friends


The Battle of Little Bighorn:
A Unique Perspective
June 10-18, 2012

houseThe Battle of Little Bighorn has inspired more controversy, conjecture, and calumny than any other battle in American history. A detailed examination of this event is the focus of this unique offer. Three renowned specialists-Historian Neil Mangum, former superintendent at Little Bighorn; Thomas Powers, Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist; and forensic archeologist Douglas Scott-will interpret this story of the fated fight between the Seventh Cavalry commanded by Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer, and the Plains Indian coalition led by Sitting Bull, the inspirational leader, and Crazy Horse, the charismatic warrior.


Tales of the 49ers:
The California Gold Rush
July 10-16, 2012

ClintonNext to the Civil War, no event of the nineteenth century had more of an impact and more long lasting reverberations than the California Gold Rush. It turned the state into a place synonymous with risk, riches, and reinvention; a place where the impossible suddenly seemed likely. On this tour historian Eli Paul will tell of those who flocked to California and became known as the 49ers. This is a grand tale of determined adventurers with everything to prove, impoverished aristocrats, and strong-minded women who refused to be left behind.



Futile Fight for a Land and Culture:
Pacific Northwest Indian Wars II
August 5-11, 2012

NW Indian WarIn the span of five short years, 1851-1856, scores of Indian tribes dwelling along the waterways, mountains, and coastal regions of northwest California and southwest Oregon witnessed the destruction of their culture through invasion by Euro-Americans. Later another group of Indians, the Modocs, suffered the same fate. Their story and that of their leader, Captain Jack, is no ordinary tale. Historian Guide Neil Mangum will bring his unique perspective into focus on the Rogue River War and the Modoc War. You do not want to miss an opportunity to learn the fascinating history of this beautiful corner of the United States.


New York City Revisited:
Discovering a Unique Sense of Place
September 9-15, 2012

Ellis IslandThe late 19th century saw New York City become the largest, most influential, ethnically diverse, and religiously varied American metropolis. Characters such as Washington Irving, Andrew Carnegie, and John Jacob Astor made their names in this place where cultures clashed and where political dreams were born. Despite blights on the city, such as the Five Points slum and the notorious Draft Riots, the city grew and prospered. The Roaring Twenties were years of glamour and wealth, highlighted by a construction boom of skyscrapers when their soaring heights seemed overly optimistic. Join New York Historian Guide Latifah Chinnery and be an eye witness to history from the ragtime era to the jazz age in Gotham.


Tracing the River's Source:
Exploring the Headwater of Two Legendary Rivers
September 16-22, 2012

RiverThis tour takes us on a memorable journey through breathtaking scenery as we explore the headwaters of the Yellowstone and Missouri rivers. In the company of river historian Jon G. James, you'll visit iconic historic sites and natural features of the American West. This historical trek will take you through the rugged badlands of the northern Bighorn Basin, leading to the spectacular scenery of Yellowstone National Park, and then on to the gold rush country of Virginia City. From there you'll head north to the Three Forks region and then through the Gallatin Valley. This new tour presents wonderful history and glorious sites around every turn.

**If this tour is taken with In the Wake of Lewis and Clark, there is a $200 discount on each tour.


In the Wake of Lewis and Clark:
Traveling the Historic Upper Missouri and Yellowstone River
September 22-28, 2011

RiverFor two centuries a colorful cavalcade of boatmen, explorers, frontiersmen, fur traders, and trappers sought their fortunes at a thousand points along the Montana frontier of the Big Muddy (Missouri) and la Roche Jaune (Yellowstone). In the Wake of Lewis and Clark takes you on an incredible journey through time. Follow the meanders of these two legendary rivers in the company of river historian Jon G. James and visit river sites and natural features associated with many of the most famous people in the history of the American West.

** If this tour is taken with Tracing the River's Source, there is a $200 discount on each tour.


IrishThe Ireland Never Seen:
A Journey Into Irish-American History
October 6-17, 2012

From the Stone Age to the present, this tour brings you a history which, when told, will weave a dazzling tapestry of stories that shine a light on the long-standing U.S.-Irish relationship. Irish roots in America run deep. The Irish have enriched American history with fifteen U.S. Presidents, and many Civil War Generals, not to mention famous stage personalities and literary giants. Join Irish Historian Guide Deidre Burns as she shows you aspects of the Emerald Isle seldom seen by tourists. On this journey through history you'll be surrounded by unparalleled beauty of lofty mountains, verdant moorlands, and rugged sea-cliffs.


Texas in Conflict:
From the Indian Wars to WWII
October 20-27, 2012

TexasTexas in Conflict is a tour that has everything-five forts, eight museums and two battlefields. From Texas Ranger fights in 1836 to the largest museum of the WWII in the Pacific, there is truly something for everyone. The two battles-the Battle of the Neches and the Battle of Plum Creek-are the largest engagements with Indians ever fought in Texas. Both are seldom visited and the areas are largely untouched. The Star of the Republic Museum is dedicated to that 10-year period when Texas was a republic (1836-1845) with a navy and army and even a marine corps. You will visit the largest Civil War prison camp west of the Mississippi and see a Spanish presidio built in 1757, complete with Jim Bowie's signature carved in its stone gateway. You will travel from the Piney Woods of East Texas and the beautiful Central Texas Hill Country to the endless plains of West Texas with your Historian Guide Mike Koury. His extensive knowledge and matchless enthusiasm will bring the vast history of Texas' conflicts alive.


Historic Cattle Trails:
Shadows of an Unparalleled Pathway
October 28 - November 3, 2012

CattleDuring a brief period in American history ten million longhorns were literally walked to market across Indian Territory on the Shawnee, the Chisholm, and the Western Trails. The wealth of an empire passed over these trails leaving its mark for decades to come, and creating America's greatest folk hero, the cowboy. Historian Guide Neil Mangum will lead you along the trails and across the rivers that tell the story of a frontier that was wide open and free during the heyday of the Texas cattle drives.


Civil War in Indian Territory:
A Little Known Struggle
November 5-12, 2012

cemeteryIndian wars historian Neil Mangum, and the Pied Piper of History, Ed Bearss, will join forces to take you on this new incredible learning vacation. Nowhere is the long, bitter struggle of the Civil War better demonstrated than in Indian Territory (Oklahoma). Here Indians, Caucasians, Negroes and Mexicans donned Union blue to face similar opponents dressed in Confederate gray. You will learn the events, as the territory goes from Confederate advantage to a Union stranglehold in Indian Territory. You will hear great stories of many individuals involved in the conflict. These two historians never disappoint. What a trip!


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