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Historian Guides

Our historian guides are what set us apart as the premier history tour company in the United States. Distinguished experts, scholars, and authors, they possess not only extensive knowledge of their respective subjects, but also the special ability to make each HistoryAmerica tour a unique and captivating story.

Neil Mangum had a 34-year career with the National Park Service. He served twice at Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, first as chief historian and second as park superintendent. He is the author of books on the Battle of the Rosebud and Little Big horn and many articles on the Indian Wars. Renowned for his research and interpretive skills, Neil will be the historian guide on four tours: The Arkansas Campaign, The Canadian Maritimes, The Civil War Custer, and Jackson & Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley.


Latifah Chinnery holds a master's degree from City College, City University of New York, and doctoral studies at New York University and Hull University in London. Pursuing a life-long interest in education, she has been a teacher in Harlem, at City College, and the University of the Virgin Islands. A native New Yorker who specializes in historical tours of the Big Apple, Latifah led our New York City tour in 2010 and presents aspects of the city as only someone with her insider knowledge can. This year she will lead New York Revisited.


David Clark is an author, tour guide, and public speaker based in Chicago. In the community of Route 66 enthusiasts he is considered one of the preeminent "road scholars" due to his extensive knowledge and research on the history of the "Mother Road." He has written three award-winning books, including Route 66 in Chicago, as well as dozens of articles examining the history and context of the highway. Dave will lead you on an in-depth learning vacation from Chicago through Illinois and across the Mississippi to St. Louis along Historic Route 66.


Bill Sontag is a native of Texas and served in the National Park Service as superintendent of Amistad National Recreation Area and Chamizal National Memorial, and as Chief of Interpretation for the Rocky Mountain Regional office of the Park Service. He is the recipient of numerous awards for distinction in the Park Service and has written extensively on the subjects of Texas history and archeology. He, along with Doug Baum, will lead us on the tour of The U.S. Army Camel Experiment.


Doug Baum hails from the desert of west Texas and has been a camel afficionado since his days as a zookeeper. His love of these extraordinary animals has taken him as far afield as the Sinai, where he traveled with the Bedouin. He is passionate about the historical use of camels in the 19th-century frontier, and has only the group of camels in the world devoted to the perpetuation of this quirky bit of history. Doug will be the one of the guides and the tour director on the Camel Experiment tour.


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